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Shakespeare and the Globe: Then and Now

Harper Audio

SmartBooks - the source for information on books about the Internet

Barnes and Noble

Goosebumps - official site of the ever popular book series by R.L. Stine. Boo!

Mark Twain Resources

Words Worth Books - Wordsworth was one of the first bookstores to catalog its inventory, and now it's not so different from other online bookstores--it, too, has hundreds of thousands of titles, and books are usually shipped the same day, with discounts of 10 to 30%. But Wordsworth will do its best to help you find the book you're looking for. Sam the supersearching dog fetches your book when you type in title or author. But for hard-to-find books, you can call in a crack operative, who will spend a little extra time placing a special order or looking for an out-of-print book.

BookRadio - interviews with top authors and reviews of the latest books in RealAudio.

James A. Michener -The official James A. Michener Web site offers everything you ever wanted to know about the author of such famous epics as Tales of the South Pacific, Hawaii, and Space. In addition to stories from the man's life, you'll find a biographical timeline, photos, and video clips.

New York Times Books - searchable archive of over 50,000 book reviews. Registration is free.

Bold Type An online literary magazine

The Academy of American Poets

Just-So Literary Postcards Ola Tereshko is a graduate student in English at Carnegie Mellon University. She decided to create an e-mail postcard site with a literary flavor. Quotes fom the likes of Kipling, Carroll and Baudelaire.

Audio Books @ The Storyteller - Audio Books bills itself as "books for your ears." You can search through 10 different categories, as well as by author or title.

Simon & Schuster

Crania, A Literary/Arts Magazine

RARA-AVIS The home page of RARA-AVIS, a mailing list devoted to the discussion of hardboiled fiction. This site might not be much to look at, but it succeeds as a comprehensive collection of author info, bibliographies, links, and reviews

Writer's Toolbox - Internet Resources for Writers A wide array of Internet resources for writers. Whether you're a technical writer, journalist, marketer, or romance fiction novelist, you're sure to find something you can use in Brian Pomeroy's handy list of writerly links. Genre-specific clubs, guides, newsletters, and newsgroups are a few of the resources collected here.

Fairy Tales: Origins and Evolution

Columbia University: Bartleby Library A modest library of well-known prose and poetry maintained by Columbia University's Bartleby Library. The number of works available here may not be vast, but the collection is varied and links to works by such greats as Emily Dickinson, D.H. Lawrence, Eugene O'Neill, and Oscar Wilde.

University of Virginia Electronic Text Library An enormous library of online literature, courtesy of The University of Virginia. The UVA electronic library links to hundreds of famous literary works in a number of languages. Bibliophiles can read Nathaniel Hawthorne right on their computer screen, or study Descartes in the original French, Kafka in German, or Augustine in Latin. Unfortunately, not all texts are publicly accessible. Book Group - like to read? Like to talk about what you've read? This is the place

Index of poets

Poets Corner

English Literature: Early 17th Century - authors biographies, works and resources.

Poets & Writers - Online resource and community for poets and fiction writers.

Jack London

Sixteenth Century Renaissance English Literature (1485-1603)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - hypertext verion


The History of the Mystery

The Life and Works of Herman Melville

Ploughshares -widely regarded as one of the best literary journals in the country

Harper's Magazine - newsstand preview, browse the bookshelf

Columbia University's Bartleby Library - Shakespeare, Milton, Shelley, Marlowe and more

Literary Kicks - Levi Asher has developed this critical tribute to some of his favorite Beat authors, including Kerouac and Ginsberg

Books Aloud - a collection of audio books available for you to order

Amazon.Com - more than 1 million book titles available

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - the Web's first edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare, provided by the Tech

Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.

Book Lovers: Fine Books and Literature - a selection of useful places on the net on writers and poets, libraries, publishers and booksellers.

Publishers Weekly Bestseller Lists - best sellers in the following categories: Hardcover Fiction; Hardcover Nonfiction; Mass Market Paperback; Trade Paperback; Audio Fiction; Audio Nonfiction; Children's; Religion; Computer

BookWire Want to see where your favorite author will be on tour? At BookWire, that's just the beginning. The site is a wealth of book-related info, including bestseller lists, indexes of booksellers and publishers, and huge archives of reviews from a host of different sources.

Book Stacks Unlimited - the 400,000 titles here may not quite match up to's million titles, but this site still has plenty to offer. In addition to searching their large inventory, you can read the daily journal, stop in at the site's digital cafe, or even browse the virtual shelves by subject or author.

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